SO-BOOST - Sonos BOOST Wireless Extender (White only)

SO-BOOST Sonos BOOST (previously Sonos BRIDGE)
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SO-BOOST - Sonos BOOST Wireless Extender (White only)

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Tiny accessory. Big wireless performance. Delivers wireless perfection to the most remote room in the house. Flawless reliability for homes with wireless connectivity problems.

Boost provides enterprise-grade wireless performance for your Sonos system so you get unparalleled reliability in any situation. BOOST gets rid of interference while increasing range so you can stream, surf and game all you want without missing a beat - even in homes that are known to have wireless connectivity problems.

Boost Benefits

Enterprise-Grade Performance.  Boost is the most powerful wireless product we’ve ever built, and offers comparable wireless broadcast power to expensive enterprise-grade WiFi routers that are typically found in large offices and corporate campuses.

Uniform Wireless Coverage. Boost offers three wireless antennae that broadcast 360-degree signals through walls and ceilings for flawless coverage even to the most remote room in your home.

Overcome any wireless obstacle. Boost neutralizes interference from wireless devices that can wreak havoc on your network like cordless phones, baby monitors and other household appliances.

  • Features
    • Sonos Designed: Enterprise-grade wireless performance designed and built by Sonos from the ground up
    • Wireless Connectivity: SonosNet, a secure AES encrypted, peer-to-peer wireless mesh network
    • Network Bridging: 2-port switch (10/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX) brings standard internet connectivity to your set-top box, DVR, PC, Game Console or NAS drive
  • Specification
    Dimensions 115mm [W] x 115mm [D] x 33mm [H] 
    Net Weight 191g 
    Gross Weight 300g 
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