Outdoor Summer Sounds With Polk Audio !

With Spring in the air, now is the time to get your customers ready for summer parties and BBQs with friends, and there is no better musical accompaniment than Polk’s range of Atrium outdoor speakers!

Surely the best way to engage with customers is to offer them a solution to an age-old problem, namely ‘how can I get great quality sound outside?’ Rather than drag out and crank up the poor tiny bluetooth speaker from the kitchen, why not suggest a complete speaker system, designed by one of the world’s foremost speaker companies exactly for the purpose?

Polk Audio has long created speakers that are perfect for the application, and its latest Atrium range of outdoor speakers is no different. Consisting of three pairs of speakers, a single stereo and a sub/sat system, all bases are covered, meaning no matter what the environment, there is a speaker system that will fit perfectly.

Polk’s credentials stem back to the early seventies, where a maverick group of individuals lead by Mathew Polk approached speaker design in a unique way, wanting to create products for everyone, rather than just wealthy audiophiles. Over 50 years later, Polk still abides by the same philosophy, with the Atrium series being the natural extension of this philosophy.

Available in either white or black, every Atrium product is designed from the ground up to deliver a performance that belies its size. Although only packing a 4” bass driver, the Atrium-4 delivers an exquisite sound quality, whilst its larger brother, the Atrium-5 goes that little bit louder and deeper in the bass department. The Atrium-6 is the brand’s flagship stereo outdoor speaker, with performance to match. For smaller environments, the Atrium-8SDi is a single speaker with stereo performance, thanks to its dual tweeter array. For larger spaces, it can be paired up with another 8SDi to give an even better performance.

Atrium’s patented dynamic balance technology analyses the speaker’s entire electro-acoustic and mechanical system for improved material selection and more efficient geometry. The result is a design that smoothly transitions air flow from the speaker into the listening area for deep, extended bass impact by adding 3db of bass extension, whilst minimizing turbulence and distortion.

Some speakers say they are outdoor-ready but Atrium goes one step further, as it has been designed to withstand even the most brutal weather. Salt-fog, UV, extreme temperatures or heavy rains, the Atrium range is designed to work under any conditions.

Performance aside, key to the range is Atrium’s simple yet effective mounting system. Simply attach the bracket to the wall or ceiling, attach the speaker and screw up the fixings at the desired angle. Sounds simple? That’s because it is but don’t let ease of installation take away from the performance.

For more discrete installations, Polk has created the SAT-300. Featuring a 3 and 1/2-inch long-throw midrange driver with 1-inch voice coil, vented pole-piece, rugged butyl rubber surround and composite cone, treble is handled by a 3/4-inch composite dome neodymium tweeter. All of this technology is packed into a satellite speaker package that can be mounted on a wall, hung from a ceiling or even planted in a flowerbed! For additional bass reinforcement, the SUB-100 features a long-throw 10” Dynamic Balance bass driver, housed in a moulded and sealed acoustically-ideal resin enclosure and marine-certified with IPX66 rating. Available in either grey or terracotta, the SUB-100 can be painted in any colour to perfectly match its surroundings.

So if you have a customer that likes to listen to music everywhere around the home, make them aware of the Atrium series from Polk. With the numerous choices available, there is an Atrium product for every outdoor application.