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Connection Module CAT7A Black

SKU: TE-J00060A0069
​The VM 8-8 modules are employed as connections and extensions of commercially available, shielded and unshielded twisted-pair installation cables (Cat.5e/ Cat.6/Cat.6A/Cat.7/Cat.7A) in the following applications: transition point/consolidation point, cable extensions, damaged cables, cable rerouting. When VM 8-8 modules are used, the cable segments in a structured wiring system do not need to be laid out again. This reduces the expenses for alterations and the overall costs to a minimum. Depending on the connection module type, up to 12 incoming and 12 outgoing 8-wire cables can be permanently connected together without any significant reduction in the transmission characteristics or limitation of the maximum link lengths.
  • connection via LSA Plus terminals on a common PCB
  • colour coding acc. to EIA/TIA 568A and B
  • connection of 4-pair shielded/unshielded installation and patch cords from AWG 27-22
  • pairs can be brought directly up to the terminal without untwisting the pairs
  • secure shielded contact using screw-on terminals directly on the PCB
  • variable cable feeds
Dimensions 37mm [W] x 20mm [D] x 84mm [H]
Gross Weight 50g
Product Code: TE-J00060A0069
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