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M Universal Wallmount Small Black

SKU: MU-WM-1005
The M Universal Wallmount and the M Universal Wallmount Super Slim are patented by Multibrackets.
Patent SE 526 502
Patent DK, FI, IT, NL, PL, RO, CH, ES, GB, TR, CZ, FR 1 725 779
Patent DE 60 2005 022 569.2-08
Patent US 7,661,640

With this exceptional wallmount the screen only sticks out from the wall about 30 mm. (With most other wallmounts on the market, that number is 60 mm.)
Multibrackets Universal Wallmounts are equipped with a level metering bubble.

It is also very easy to assemble. The 600 mm span between the assembly bolts makes it possible to fasten the wallmount in the joints. However this is not possible for 26”-32” screens using the universal wallmount. Thanks to the Multibrackets Anti-theft system, you can also lock the screen to the wallmount. 
  • Screen sizes : 26" to 32"
  • Max load : 80kg (for all variations of bracket)
  • Universal & VESA standard for small bracket (mm) : 200x100; 200x200; 300x300; 400x400
  • Built in spirit level : for easy installation
Gross Weight (B) 1400g
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Product Code: MU-WM-1005
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