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MuxLab 500170 - Active VGA Managed Dispatcher Hub, 8 Ports, 110-240V

SKU: ML-500170
The Active VGA Managed Dispatcher Hub (500170/171) distributes one (1) VGA and one (1) stereo audio channel via Cat5e/6 to up to eight (8) or sixteen (16) displays depending on the model. Designed for digital signage applications, the 500170 works in conjunction with the Active VGA Managed Receiver (500174) to support Cat5e/6 cable. Additionally the Active VGA Managed Repeater (500172) hub may be cascaded for increased distance. The overall system allows RS232 commands to be sent to remote displays.

The Active VGA Managed System (AVM) is a total cabling solution that allows digital signage systems to be installed and managed more efficiently via a Cat5e/6 structured cabling system. The solution is comprised of four components; Active VGA Managed Dispatcher Hub, Active VGA Managed Repeater Hub, active VGA Managed Receiver, and MuxLab Control Software. When used together AVM allows a network of over 256 displays to be driven up to 2,000 ft. from a single VGA/Audio source. AVM allows picture gain and skew to adjusted at each receiver and custom scripts may be sent to each displays to control time of day on/off.
  • Distributes VGA/Audio to up to 8 displays
  • Up to 1,000 ft (305m) via Cat5e/6
  • Gain/skew adjustment via manual, RS232, USB
  • Cascadable with Active Repeater Hub ML-500172
  • GUI software controls gain, sharpness, skew
  • Local VGA and audio output
Dimensions 4356mm [W] x 1191mm [D] x 437mm [H]
Net Weight 2200g
Gross Weight 2500g
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