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IO link for set top box with one RF output

​iO-Link tvLink RF out replicator. With the introduction of the new lower power specification Sky HD boxes, the RF2 output socket has been removed to save space, power and money.The RF2 socket is a unique feature to the Sky box that allows you to watch and control your Sky box from an alternative location around the house.Typically you would have your Sky box in the living room, with the RF2 linking upstairs to the bedroom, so that you could watch and control the box (via a Teardrop, available separately).
  • The Global IO link is fully compatible with the Sky box system and is integrated into the Sky boxes menu settings making it the perfect choice
  • Connect your TV aerial into the input and you will enjoy not only your Sky channel but all of your Freeview channels on every TV connected to the System
  • Sky Magic Eye - To be able to actually control the Sky box, you will need to attach a Sky Magic Eye on the end of the coax cable; this sends the IR signal back down the coax and into the Sky box for control
  • Please Note: When using the new IO Link with more than one TV/Magic Eye combination you will need to use a mains powered amplifier
Gross Weight 200g
Sorry, this product has now been discontinued. Please call for advice on an alternative.
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