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Global Cache iTach Flex IP (wired)

​The iTach Flex provides powerful, inexpensive, and simple connectivity to almost any electrical device so it can be controlled and automated using an app on a smartphone, tablet, or any other user interface. Historically, automation and control products have been complex and expensive, used almost exclusively by the very wealthy. That changes with the easy availability of control apps on the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace, and the ability to connect almost any device in the home to a WiFi or wired network using the iTach Flex. 

The extremely small footprint, slightly larger than a pack of gum, is ideally suited for transparent coupling and seamless integration to any device in homes or businesses. The Flex’s 
unique hardware form, with a WiFi or network connection to a 3.5mm jack that supports almost any type of protocol translation cable, offers the ability to bridge products and systems in a way never available before. 

Entertainment systems are the most common household devices to be controlled, and most of those devices respond to IR codes, the infrared commands sent by your typical remote control. Integrated tightly with the iTach Flex, is a no charge, cloud-based service instantly providing the required IR codes for the equipment being controlled. The ease-of-use and versatility of the cloud-based system ensures compatibility and expandability of any system. The Flex also offers built-in IR learning. 

Once an entertainment system is under control, the next step may be the shades, or the lighting, the sprinklers, or the Jacuzzi. The iTach Flex, with its scalable and simple to use design, will connect them all at the site of the equipment, with no need for a complex rack mounted system. The iTach Flex introduces a new concept of distributed automation and control, with smart end-points that enhance and connect standalone devices, allowing for them to be accessed and controlled by apps on smartphones, tablets, you name it.
  • Power input : 5V DC (90 to 230V wall power adapter included)
  • IR Learning : from 20 to 200KHz - downloadable iLearn software allows for the capture and playback of IR commands from control uses
  • Network connection : DHCP and static IP - RJ45 standard Ethernet connector (100/10 Mbits Ethernet protocol)
  • Global port : 4 conductor connection (TRRS: tip, ring, ring, sleeve) allows for versatility through the use of Global Cache Flex Link Cables
  • Serial / RS232 : Male DB9 with automatic configuration sensing. 600 baud to 115.2 Kbaud data ranges supported. Odd, Even and None parity settings. Bi-directional with hardware RTS/CTS flow control
  • Flex Link Cables : supports IR out, IR blaster, IR tri-port and Serial (sold separately - see related tab below)
  • IR Output : from 20 to 500 KHz, 3.5mm connector - supports the Global Cache IR Blaster, IR Emitter, IR Tri-Port, or, GC-CGX for Xantech compatibility
  • Control API's : TCP: ASCII textual commands compatible with iTach and CG-100 protocol; comma delimited, carriage return terminated. HTTP: new web-based control using HTTP commands with JSON payload data
  • File storage : store web pages and files in a standard FAT file system in the built-in 4Mb flash drive - accessible via URL from any location on or outside the network, allows for web page control of your device
  • Mounting dock : allows for simple installation in any location. Screw down the mounting dock and the Flex unit can be clicked in and out as needed
Dimensions 31mm [W] x 66mm [D] x 21mm [H]
Net Weight 25g
Gross Weight 75g
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